Donnerstag, 28. April 2016

Einfach nicht da! Retraite ;-)

Nadja betont: Die „deviante Verführungsbilder“ bringe ich nur für Frauen! For Ladies only!         

Asylwelle (Video)

Austria reinstates border controls with Hungary as refugees flow in
Austria adopts tough measures to curb refugee influx
Austria has re-imposed controls on its border with Hungary and has started to build a wall along the border with Italy. Austrian officials are hoping to stem the flow of refugees departing from Northern Africa. Rome has warned that Vienna’s decision is against humanitarian laws and tarnishes the European Union’s reputation.
Press TV’s Correspondent in Italy Max Civili has the story.

Nadja sagt: Grüße aus Bruck an der Leitha – Hegyeshalom ;-)

Aputsiak, eine Inuit-Geschichte

Nadja sagt: Wer schon länger  „Politiek en Cultuur“ folgt, weiß das ich etwas mit Inuit (Eskimos) habe. Es ist an der Zeit an dieses meiner Lieblingskinderbücher zu erinnern. Um die schöne Illustrationen zu sehen bitte auf eines der Labels zu klicken.

Mittwoch, 27. April 2016

„G7“ Treffen in Hiroshima

 "Poor" G7 Just Cannot Disarm Yet!
  By Andre Vltchek

    Now foreign policy tsars of the “G7” were standing shoulder to shoulder again, in Hiroshima, of all places, and only a few days after the 71st anniversary of the nuclear blast. Making predictable declarations and self-glorifying speeches.
The weather was good, partly sunny, with excellent visibility. But was the world really able to see through the thick fog of Machiavellian cynicism and lies, dispersed all over the Planet by those grinning rulers of the world?
Nashenka sagt: Bekanntlich war Erich Honecker in Japan („Preußen des Ostens“) total vernarrt…

Dienstag, 26. April 2016

Was geht vor in Syrien ?

Syrian Elections Confirm West's Worst Fears 
By Tony Cartalucci
Attempts to undermine the credibility of the elections have become the primary objective of US and European news agencies. Contnue::
Nashenka sagt: Ein Bild sagt mehr als tausend Wörter!

Was geht vor in Brasilien?

To See the Real Story in Brazil
Look at Who Is Being Installed as President and Finance Chiefs 

By Glenn Greenwald 
 This fraud being perpetrated here is as blatant as it is devastating. But it’s the same pattern that has been repeatedly seen around the world, particularly in Latin America, when a tiny elite wages a self-protective, self-serving war on the fundamentals of democracy. Brazil, the world’s fifth most populous country, has been an inspiring example of how a young democracy can mature and thrive. But now, those democratic institutions and principles are being fully assaulted by the very same financial and media factions that suppressed democracy and imposed tyranny in that country for decades. Full article: 
Nadja sagt: Solidarität mit Präsidentin Dilma Rousseff!

Mittwoch, 20. April 2016


Schon zum 3. Male Massenschlacht ins  Asylantenaufnahmezentrum Broechem (Provinz
Antwerpen).  Anlaß: Eine Irakerin hatte sich „ erdreistet “ einen Afghanen  zu zuwinken.
Nashenka sagt: Wer  sich über sowas  ablehnend kritisch äußert wird vorschnell  abgetan als „rassistisch“  und „nationalistisch!

Beebeekesklub Evian – Nieuwe Videoclip 

 Nashenka zegt: Dit is geen sluikreclame – de clip met de rolschaatsen vind ik trouwens beter ;-)
Das ist keine Schleichwerbung, die vorige Video finde ich übrigens niedlicher ;-)

Dienstag, 19. April 2016

A World War Has Begun. Break the Silence. By John Pilger

In Britain last week, Jeremy Corbyn's closest ally, his shadow treasurer John McDonnell, committed a Labour government to pay off the debts of piratical banks and, in effect, to continue so-called austerity. 
In the US, Bernie Sanders has promised to support Clinton if or when she's nominated. He, too, has voted for America's use of violence against countries when he thinks it's "right". He says Obama has done "a great job".
In Australia, there is a kind of mortuary politics, in which tedious parliamentary games are played out in the media while refugees and Indigenous people are persecuted and inequality grows, along with the danger of war. The government of Malcolm Turnbull has just announced a so-called defence budget of $195 billion that is a drive to war.  There was no debate. Silence.
What has happened to the great tradition of popular direct action, unfettered to parties? Where is the courage, imagination and commitment required to begin the long journey to a better, just and peaceful world? Where are the dissidents in art, film, the theatre, literature?
Where are those who will shatter the silence? Or do we wait until the first nuclear missile is fired?    Full article and Video:

Nashenka sagt: Pilger erinnert mich an Tucholsky! ;-)

Montag, 18. April 2016


Stichwort  Apotheke
Nadja sagt: In Frankfurt (Oder) gab, gibt es weiterhin, die Löwenapotheke. Apotheken in der DDR erinnerten an den Friedenszeiten (vor 1939) mit ihre Friedensware. Jedenfalls war eine Apotheke in der DDR  gediegen, keine Abart vom amerikanischen Drugstore;  Die Redewendung „Ich habe schon Pferde vor der Apotheke kotzen gesehen“ wurde zur Schlagwort derjenige Bürger die den Losungen von „Sieger der Geschichte “ nicht (mehr) glaubten oder  sogar den Sozialismus-Kommunismus feindlich gesinnt waren.  Der Sieg der Kontrarevolution soll uns eine Lehre sein.  „Die Enkel fechtens besser aus“ 

Sonntag, 17. April 2016

Glückwünsche der DDR für Demokratisches Kampuchea

DDR Staatstelegramm nach Phnom-Penh zum Nationalfeiertag 1977
„Neues Deutschland“ 16-17 April 1977

Nadja sagt:  Zum Glück  ist mir dieser Beleg bewahrt geblieben!

Erfolge und Probleme

Erfolge und Probleme bei der Schaffung der Einheit der Arbeiterbewegung in Ost- und Südosteuropa 1944/45 bis 1948
Nadja sagt: Bekanntlich einer eine Lieblingsthemen. Hätte ich im DDR-Kabinett-Bochum nicht erwartet, aber die Abbildung ist 1A ;-)

Freitag, 15. April 2016

Einfach nicht da! (Korte) Retraite ;--)

Nadja sagt: Die Bilder „Deviante Verführung“ bringe ich nur für Frauen. For Ladies only!

1500 Halle 22 cellisten speelden voor Servais

De tweede ‘Cellovierdaagse met Servais’ zit erop. 22 cellistenvolgden stage in de Servaisacademie. Ze volgden masterclasses bij de leden van het Tansman Cellokwartet. Het was een internationaal gezelschap met diverse nationaliteiten: er waren deelnemers uit Brazilië, Turkije, Albanië, Spanje, Frankrijk en België.
Dankzij het goede weer maakten de cellisten soms ook de Halse publieke pleinen onveilig. Ook voor het standbeeld van Servais werd gemusiceerd!
Peter François nam een 50-tal mensen op sleeptouw voor de wandeling ‘In de voetsporen van Servais’. Die eindigde in den AST, waar enkele bijzondere Servais-items tentoongesteld staan.
Op zondagnamiddag toonden de cellisten hun kunnen tijdens het slotconcert. Voor een goed gevulde Servaiszaal serveerden ze een diverse waaier uit het rijke cellorepertoire. Vooral het optreden van het ‘cello-orkest’ viel erg in de smaak.
De Cellovierdaagse maakte deel uit van de festiviteiten rond Servais’ 150ste sterfjaar. Het hoogtepunt van die herdenking valt op 27 november 2016. Dan zijn er twee huldeconcerten in de Servaisacademie en de Sint-Martinusbasiliek.
De Cellovierdaagse was een initiatief van de vzw Servais, Cultuurcentrum ’t Vondel en de Servaisacademie, met medewerking van den AST. 

Nog een foto:

Avantgardistische Malerei auch eine weibliche Angelegenheit

Nashenka sagt: Es gibt soviel verschiedene Ansichten und Geschmäcke. Ich aber bevorzuge immer noch die Modernen und Werke des sozialistischen Realismus ;-)

Donnerstag, 14. April 2016

Mittwoch, 13. April 2016


EU Turkey Deal to Curb Migration
Agreement Designed to Enhance Ankara's Status . Clashes occur over the deportation of thousands from Greece
Thousands of migrants residing in Greece from the Middle East, Africa and Asia are being sent to Turkey in an effort to curtail and reduce the number of people flooding into Europe.
Uncertainty about the status of those who have reached Greece contributed to the clashes between Macedonian security forces and migrants on April 10 when police used tear gas and rubber bullets to contain crowds which they claimed had attempted to break through the Idomeni border between the two countries. This standoff resulted in the injury of over 300 migrants and 23 security officers.
Imperialism Caused the Migration Crisis
What is not mentioned in many instances by the corporate and government-controlled western media outlets are the reasons behind the flood of migrants and refugees and the dangers they face on a daily basis having been trafficked through Libya and other countries into the Mediterranean and across to Europe.
At the root of the crisis are the United States and NATO wars of regime-change and occupation along with the collapse of the economies throughout Africa, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific during the recent period.
Full article:
Nashenka sagt:So kann Freundin Mechthild weiterhin Nullbock auf mich haben! ;-)

Is North Korea on the Verge of another Famine?

The residents of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are being warned the country will soon be struck by a famine as severe as the one they experienced in the 1990s. That period in the history of North Korean is known as “the Arduous March,” and according to the North Korean central mass media, the hard times are, basically, around the corner. A front-page story printed in Rodong Sinmun—the official newspaper of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea—discusses this topic. A similar news was also disseminated via mass media worldwide with reference to The Chosun Ilbo, a major South Korean newspaper. According to the South Korean periodical the North Korean government is allegedly planning to begin a collection of grains (one kilo per month from each North Korean resident), and that this year the country was looking to purchase 440 thousand tons of food abroad, but had received only 17.6 thousand tons by the beginning of February. The article also informed that Pyongyang hopes to assure loyalty of North Korean citizens by launching a propaganda campaign persuading its citizens to conserve food warning them of punitive measures for the violation of restrictions. Besides, the article mentioned that farmers are forced to give away surplus of crops, and that this situation results in a civil unrest.
But what is going on in North Korea in reality? On March 28, Rodong Sinmun published an article featuring the following excerpt:
“Maybe we have to face another Arduous March, and we will have to eat roots of the grass. Maybe we will be all by ourselves, like a distant island in the vast ocean when we have to struggle against our enemies. Maybe a moment will come when we will have to put our heads under a razor-sharp sword. But even if we face death, we have to preserve an unbreakable and selfless devotion to our Dear respected Marshal till the end. We shall die, but stay true to the revolution!”
[…] Their agribusiness is running; they have a supply of energy; according to the estimates they should have at least a modest stock of fertilizers (fertilizers were not included in the list of banned goods). In summary, all above facts demonstrate that if in the next few years North Korea does not experience any serious natural disasters (comparable in scale to those that hit the country in the 1990s), ruining the efforts of the last decade, there will be no famine in North Korea. Apparently, citizens of the country will have to come to terms with austerity measures, but The Chosun Ilbo’s spooky predictions will remain just predictions.
Konstantin Asmolov, Ph.D, Chief Research Fellow of the Center for Korean Studies, Institute of Far Eastern Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”
Full article:

Dienstag, 12. April 2016


Франкфурт на Одере, ГДР, открытка, конец 1980-х.
Nashenka sagt:: DSF verpflichtet! Auch wenn solche Ansichtskarten auf dünnes Papier hergestellt waren: Für die Freunde war das so gut wie Westen! :-)

Hallerbos kleurt blauw

Het Hallerbos, dat zich uitstrekt over Essenbeek, Halle, Dworp en Woutersbrakel, is bedekt met een blauw tapijt van boshyacinten.
De wilde boshyacint of Edymlon mutans komt voor in loofbossen. Zij gedijt welig op plaatsen met een constant vochtig en koud klimaat. Het plantje wordt 25 centimeter hoog met een tros van violetblauw klokvormige bloemen en houdt van schaduwrijke plaatsen. De bloem zelf knikt naar beneden. Zo wordt het hart van de bloem beschermd tegen regendruppels.
In Vlaanderen is deze boshyacint nog te vinden in de Leemstreek ten westen van Leuven, de Vlaamse Ardennen en het West-Vlaamse heuvelland. Dit blauw tapijt kan in het 570 hectaren grote Hallerbos bewonderd worden via uitgestippelde wandelwegen. Op plaatsen zijn er ook rustbanken voorzien. De bloemen zelf blijven slechts enkele weken prachtig blauw.
De blauwe bloempjes mogen niet geplukt worden en dat op straffe van boete. Na enkele minuten verliezen ze ook hun kracht en gaan afhangen.
 Meer foto’s en uitleg:

Nashenka zegt: Met dank aan Editiepajot ;-)

Montag, 11. April 2016

Tatöwierung als Körperschmuck im Museum

Nashenka sagt: Auch Kunst!  Mit eine erotische Ausstrahlung!

Canadian aboriginal community in crisis amid rash of suicides

Canada’s 1.4 million aboriginals make up about 4 percent of the country’s population of more than 35 million, but they struggle with poverty and desperation as well as high rates of crime and suicide. They also have a lower life expectancy than other Canadians.
Prime Minister Trudeau, who came to power in November 2015, has promised to mend relations with Canada’s indigenous people. Full article:  
Nashenka sagt: Wir Deutschen verstehen , oder sollten es, die Lage der Ureinwohnern als Heimatvertriebenen im eigenem Lande, auf eigenem Boden.

Sonntag, 10. April 2016

2140 Borgerhout Stille mars tegen terrorisme (Video)

Na de aanslagen in Brussel trokken in Antwerpen een vijfhonderdtal leden van de lokale moslimgemeenschap door Borgerhout en de binnenstad met een stille mars tegen terrorisme en om de slachtoffers te eren. Pieter Embrechts liep mee met hen en luisterde hoe de moslims in Borgerhout omgaan met de angst die de terreur zaait. Bekijk  zijn videoverslag.

Nashenka sagt: Beifall für diese würdige, sinnvolle Kundgebung!

International Roma Day: 6 Facts About Europe's Largest Minority
Nadja sagt: Es geht um eine Minorität , ein Wandervolk, wogegen es so viel Vorurteile und sogar Angst gibt, näheren Umgang mit ihnen ist problematisch.  Die S.R. Rumänien hat versucht ihre Zigeunern  seßhaft zu machen. Gut gemeint aber erfolglos.

Freitag, 8. April 2016

Einfach nicht da! (Korte) Retraite ;--)

Nadja sagt: Die Bilder „Deviante Verführung“ bringe ich nur für Frauen. For Ladies only!


„Wismarer Straße gibt es gar nicht!“
Frank Schniegler, wohnhaft in
DDR 1200  Frankfurt/Oder
Wismarer Straße

Putschversuch in Brasilien (Analyse und Video)

It is an attempt by Brazil’s traditional elite to reverse the outcome of Brazil’s 2014 presidential elections..…First, there is no doubt that this is a coup in progress. It is an attempt by Brazil’s traditional elite – which includes, as one of the most important players, most of the major media – to reverse the outcome of Brazil’s 2014 presidential elections. Exhibit A is the grounds on which they hope to impeach President Dilma Rousseff of the Workers’ Party, known as PT by its Portuguese initials. It has nothing to do with corruption, or any serious offense. The charge is that the government used borrowed money in 2014 to maintain the appearance that the primary budget surplus was within its target. Full Reading:  

Nadja sagt: Solidarität mit Dilma Rouseff, jetzt erst recht!

Rear Window: Soviet Cinema

IIan Christie, Professor of Film and Media History at the Birkbeck College in the University of London spoke to teleSUR English about the long and important history of Soviet Cinema.  
Christie explains that the term "propaganda" didn't have the same negative connotation in the years following the Russian Revolution of 1917 that it does today.  
He stresses that Soviet cinema showed the world how the silver screen and revolution go together.
Further Reading:

Nashenka sagt:  In der DDR waren wir wahrlich gesättigt mit sowjetische Filme. Dasselbe mit unsre eigene DEFA-Produktionen.;-)

Donnerstag, 7. April 2016


EU Proposes Better Asylum Rules, Right-Wing Gov'ts Object
The EU executive branch proposed new rules for asylum that would see a mandatory resettlement scheme for refugees to take the burden off Greece and Italy.
The European Union's executive on Wednesday proposed strengthening the bloc's common asylum rules amid a major refugee crisis on the continent that would essentially strike down the so-called Dublin Regulation, under which people must claim asylum in the first EU state they enter. 
Nadja sagt: Meinem  „Hauptlieferanten“ von interessante aktuelle Nachrichten  ist – hoffentlich nur provisorisch – außer Dienst.

Mittwoch, 6. April 2016

Bloeiende Ginster

Locatie: Antwerpen, Nachtegalenpark, ingang  “Dikke Mee”
Foto van april 2011 gemaakt door mijn Enissa

Bizarre Warnung  
Nashenka sagt: Entdeckt in eine Lifestyle und Rawfood (Rohkost) Seite

Dienstag, 5. April 2016

La Louvière à la Une n°215 avril 2016

Die nationale Special Olympics werden am 4-7 Mai 2016 in La Louvière ausgetragen.
Tekst en uitleg in het Nederlands :

Nashenka zegt : Lieve Nannyke, ik mis je zeer!

The Vulgarity Of Czech Collaboration With The USA

 by Andre Vltchek
These days, the Czech Republic is a confused and depressing place.
Its membership in the EU robbed it of most of its fabled industry. The membership in NATO took away its independence. It’s incredibly close relationship with the US and Israel took away its dignity.
During the “Soviet Era”, the world was not perfect. Prague was gray. But Czechs and Slovaks were fighting for a better world, confronting Western imperialism and neo-colonialism.
Now, the Czechs are participating in almost all the military adventures of the Empire.
Sadly, the new “freedom” meant joining the Empire, imperialism, and the usurpers. Czechs are sensing that they betrayed, again. But the fact seems to be too frightening to be defined. And there is no media that would carry such message, anyway.
Prague is now full of kitsch, physical and mental. Old and great theatres and art cinemas are replaced with despicable cheap crystal shops and massage parlors. Enthusiasm and zeal is replaced with pragmatism and greed.
And the US army, which is murdering innocent people, all over the world, is being welcomed with cheers, and served with cold Pilsner beer.
Andre Vltchek is philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist, he’s a creator of Vltchek’s World and a dedicated Twitter user, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.
Full Reading:
Nashenka sagt: Nach farblose Führungspersönlichkeiten wie Novotny und Husak, vom Regen in die Traufe!

Montag, 4. April 2016

KDVR Vorschläge zur Sicherung des Friedens auf der koreanischen Halbinsel

How to Ensure Peace on the Korean Peninsula: Replace the Armistice Agreement (1953) with a Peace Treaty
A DPRK Viewpoint

This important article presents the DPRK’s position. It is written by a North Korean researcher based at the Institute for American Studies (IFAS),  a research and advisory agency affiliated to the DPRK Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
We bring this text to the attention of  our readers with a view to clarifying the ongoing debate regarding the DPRK. It is essential that this position be heard and understood by Western public opinion an the international community with a view to reaching a peaceful settlement on the Korean peninsula.
 The viewpoints expressed in this article are those of the author.
Article Highlight:
“At present, the US hostile policy against our Republic is extremely vicious, which is unprecedented in intensity.
The resultant hostile relations between the DPRK and the US seriously obstruct the development of inter-Korean relations and DPRK-Japan relations as well as DPRK-US relations.
Only when the belligerent and hostile relations between the DPRK and the US are put to an end with the conclusion of the peace agreement, can the relations between the countries in the northeast Asian region be normalized and lasting peace regime be established on the Korean peninsula.”
(Michel Chossudovsky. GR Editor) Full article:
Nadja sagt: Höchstwichtige diplomatische Dokumentation

Gorda vs. Magra

World obese people more than underweight: New study
The number of obese adults across the globe has surpassed the underweight ones during the past four decades, a new study says.
The study, which was carried out by a team led by researchers from Imperial College London, compared body mass index (BMI) from 1975 to 2014 across over 19.2 million adult participants (9.9 million men and 9.3 million women) from 186 countries. Its findings were published in the peer-reviewed medical journal The Lancet on Saturday.
Further Reading:
Nashenka sagt : “Dicken sind gemütlich” (Helga Hahnemann)«  As espessuras são acolhedores”  Trago mensagem especificamente para Querida Fernanda, Carioca do Brasil!

Sonntag, 3. April 2016

Zur Geschichte des Konfliktes und Bruches zwischen Kominform und Jugoslawien

Le conflit et la rupture entre le Kominform et la Yougoslavie
Marie-Paule Canapa  

Revue de l'Est Année 1973 Volume 4 Numéro 2 pp. 153-172

Nadja sagt : Zwar auf Französisch und obzwar von eine nichtkommunistische Historikerin und Spezialistin in Sache Jugoslawien ist es das Beste  was ich bis jetzt im Internet zum Thema gefunden habe. Zu den Hoxhaisten (Anhängern von Enver Hoxha) sage ich „Mensch ärger dich nicht“ (Lach)

Freitag, 1. April 2016