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Air Koryo Stewardess (31)

Nadja zegt: Meer mooie afbeeldingen – kolom rechts – ikoon 'Air Koryo Stewardess' aanklikken. Veel kijkgenot!


Media Lies About Fake News
By Eric Zuesse
"Internet-only news websites" are the least-trusted of all newsmedia. Gallup report. 

Facebook, Google tell Congress they're fighting extremist content with counterpropaganda: 
Companies told Congress Wednesday that they've gone beyond screening and removing extremist content from their services and are creating more anti-terror propaganda. 

Report: U.S. democracy has "sharpest one-year drop" in 40 years: 
The annual report finds "democracy is in retreat around the world" for the 12th year in a row. 

Pew: US media bias ranks worst in the world  
Nadja sagt:: La rubrique qui dérange…les corporations médiatiques.

Millions of People Visit U.S. Imperialist Armed Spy Ship Pueblo

Pyongyang, January 21 (KCNA) -- It is 50 years since the Navy of the Korean People's Army (KPA) captured the U.S. imperialist armed spy ship Pueblo.
Pueblo is the direct product of the acts of aggression against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea committed by the U.S. imperialists from the mid-19 century and a trophy symbolic of the U.S. bitter defeat and the DPRK's eternal victory in the anti-U.S. confrontation.
On Jan. 23, Juche 57 (1968) KPA seamen captured the ship, which intruded into the inviolable territorial waters of the DPRK, thus clearly showing to the world that we never pardon aggressors.
More than 2 190 000 service personnel, people of various strata and youth and students visited Pueblo, an exhibit showing to the whole world the crime of the U.S. imperialists. -0-

Silence Is Betrayal: Get Up, Stand Up, Speak Up for Your Rights

By John W. Whitehead
Enough with the deafening silence in the face of outright corruption, base immorality, demoralizing greed, abject cruelty, violence, oppression and tyranny. 
Nadja sagt: Mit Bonhöffer-Zitat!

The Algiers Accords: Decades of Violations - And Silence

By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich
America's history clearly demonstrates that it has no regard for international law and treaties.
Nadja sagt: Wenn es um gediegene Hintergrundinfo über Iran geht, dann her mit diese Autorin! 

Sonntag, 21. Januar 2018

Thousands of 'Pussy Hats' Swarm US Streets in Women's March 2

Campaigners say Trump's unpopular policies rolling back birth control and equal pay protections are propelling many women into activism for the first time.
From Los Angeles to New York, tens of thousands of demonstrators are donning pink "pussy" hats and marching as one, demanding equal rights, justice and fair pay in the second annual Women's March. 

KOREA AKTUELL - Sonderausgabe

North Korea Sending 22 Athletes to 2018 Winter Olympics
The International Olympic Committee hosted a meeting in Switzerland on Saturday to discuss North Korea's participation in Pyeongchang.
North Korea will be sending 22 athletes to compete in three sports at the Winter Olympics in South Korea in February, after the two countries agreed a breakthrough deal earlier this month during their first high-level talks in two years. 

Und zwei Berichten von PRESS TV: 
North Korean logistical delegation arrives in Seoul (Video)
A team of North Korean logistical officials have arrived in the South after briefly canceling their trip in a move which shed doubts on Pyongyang's participation in the upcoming Winter Olympics. According to South Korean broadcaster YTN on Sunday, the delegation arrived in Seoul then boarded a train to Pyeongchang, where the games will be held in February 
US president urged S Korea's Moon to give him credit for N Korea talks
Geltungsbedürftiger Kerl! 

Bilder für Nachdenkliche

Nadja sagt: Roter Schnee - Stiller Trauer

The horrible truth about Winston Churchill

A recent film and media reviews are busy singing the praises of Winston Churchill. PETER FROST begs to differ 
Nadja sagt: Als geborene Dresdnerin habe auch ich einen Rochus auf dieser Kriegsverbrecher!

'Ukraine on Fire': The Real Story (Video)

Oliver Stone Documentary Finally Available in the West 
Covered by Western media as a people's revolution, it was in fact a coup d'état staged by nationalist groups and the U.S. State Department. 

New Stamp Album Published in DPRK

Pyongyang, January 20 (KCNA) -- The stamp album "Accomplishment of the Historic Cause of Perfecting the National Nuclear Forces" was brought out in the DPRK.
Seen on the first page of the album are the emblem of the Workers' Party of Korea and letters "Long live General Kim Jong Un, peerless patriot who accomplished the historic cause of perfecting the national nuclear forces, the cause of building a rocket power!"
The album carries stamps commemorating the successful test-fires of ICBM Hwasong-14 in July Juche 106 (2017), a demonstration of the might of the WPK's strategic nuclear force, and the successful test-fire of new type ICBM Hwasong-15 in November.
It shows that the accomplishment of the historic cause of perfecting the national nuclear forces is a precious fruition of respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un's tireless devotion and energetic guidance and the immortal feats to be recorded in the history of building a nuclear power of Juche. -0-
Diorama in KCNA News (Sidebar, Click icon KCNA- Nachrichten) 

Rodong Sinmun Calls for Foiling Ideological and Cultural Poisoning by Imperialism

Pyongyang, January 20 (KCNA) -- For all the nations aspiring to independence and opposing imperialism to combat the poisoning of decadent ideologies and culture of every description precisely means a fierce struggle to defend their sovereignty and dignity, says Rodong Sinmun in an article Saturday.
The article goes on:
The imperialists regard the reactionary ideological and cultural poisoning as the most effective way for attaining their aggression and predatory aims with ease.
The degenerate reactionary ideology and the American outlook on value, which were employed as a guide to aggression, play the main role in aggression at present.
The imperialists consider the rising generation as the main target of their corrupt ideological and cultural poisoning.
Through films, newspapers, magazines and intranets and other media which the young people enjoy very much, the imperialists make them corrupt and degenerate and spread illusions about imperialism.
Those young people infected with luxury and enjoyment are reduced to renegades of their countries and stooges of imperialism unwittingly.
Some countries witnessed regime changes and government falls and the young people took the lead in causing such abnormal situations. That is because they were infected with the imperialist ideological and cultural poisoning.
The struggle in the ideological and cultural field is a war without gunfire. And a wrong struggle results in the worse consequences than the defeat in war.
The bourgeois ideological and cultural poisoning is more dangerous than a formidable enemy coming in attack with guns.
Any hesitation and concession to the ideological confrontation would give way to the bourgeois ideological and cultural poisoning and then it would make mess of the destiny of a nation and country. -0-

Ein Pelikan für Mechthild

Nadja sagt: Berliner Freundin Mechthild Mühlstein, bekommt  das Bild dieser Pelikan für ihre Sammlung ‚Foto am Montag‘. Es betrifft ein Archivbild von November 2016 daß ich erst jetzt entdeckte. Der Vogel ruhte im Einzelgang eine Nacht und der anschließenden Tag aufs Dach eines Wohnhauses des flämischen Ortes  1651 LOT, südlich von Brüssel. Der zuständiger Vogelbeobachtungsdienst hatte auch keine konkrete Erklärung.  Der Pelikan ist bekanntlich einen Zugvogel  

S. Korean Authorities Warned Not to Put out Hardly-kindled Spark for Improved North-South Relations

 Pyongyang, January 20 (KCNA) -- We are now making all sincerity and efforts for the successful holding of the Winter Olympics due in south Korea in line with the unanimous expectation and wish of all Koreans.
But witnessed in south Korea, quite contrary to this, are dishonest things seriously chilling the dramatic atmosphere for the north-south reconciliation created by the great magnanimity and the initiative steps taken by the DPRK.
Along with the south Korean chief executive's ill-boding comments, there heard rubbish calling the technical issues regarding the DPRK's participation in the Olympics a "violation of sanctions on the north".
The conservative media and persons claimed that the use of "Mangyongbong-92" and Air Koryo during the Olympic period falls foul of the "independent sanctions" by the U.S. and south Korea. And they also said that provision of sports facilities for the players from the north and the financial support for the stay of delegations, cheering group and press group have the sign of "violating the sanctions" and that some high-ranking officials of the north with likeability to visit Phyongchang are on the list of "sanctions".
Needless to say, this represents the unpleasant and uneasy mind of the U.S. and the south Korean conservative forces displeased with the trend for the improvement of the north-south relations created after entering the new year.
What matters here is that the south Korean authorities have taken unequivocal stand, pledging to "prevent the controversy about violation of sanctions on the north as regards the north's participation in Phyongchang Olympics" and "to closely cooperate with the UN Sanctions Committee and the U.S. and other parts of the international community" for this.
To go senseless without manners and etiquette as the host is a shameful and foolish act before the world as it is little short of binding oneself hand and foot.
Now is a crucial time that every single matter should be handled with utmost care so as not to have adverse effect on the atmosphere for improving the north-south relations, and efforts should be exerted so that both sides can build confidence and have good feelings.
The ambiguous stand of the south Korean authorities cannot be construed otherwise than a revelation of the sinister intention to give impression that they are bringing someone benefits and they are doing something big for the north-south reconciliation while pleasing their American master.
The south Korean authorities should behave with discretion, away from the narrow-minded way of approach toward the DPRK's sincerity and magnanimity.
Everything is now at the beginning.
The south Korean authorities should make clear their stand, bearing in mind that their light acts and deeds may result in putting out the hardly-kindled spark for the improvement of the north-south relations. -0-

Samstag, 20. Januar 2018

British Women's rights campaigners for former prostitutes

Women's rights campaigners told High Court ruling on prostitution law change could take months
WOMEN’S RIGHTS campaigners were left frustrated today after being told they must wait months for a court ruling on their challenge to a law requiring former prostitutes to disclose past soliciting convictions. Full Reading 

Nightmare - Alptraumfrau (Video)

Video of Nikki Haley Groveling and Pandering at AIPAC Event (Israel Lobby)
By Louis Heyward 
She is an embarrassment to the USA.

Rodong Sinmun on Importance of Class Education

Pyongyang, January 18 (KCNA) -- It poses itself as a very important problem to intensify the class education for the Party members and other working people, says Rodong Sinmun in an article on Thursday, adding:
Socialist construction is attended by a serious class struggle.
The more successfully the masses' cause of independence, the cause of socialism, makes an advance, the more desperately the imperialists try to stop it.
The victorious advance of revolution is guaranteed by the struggle of the service personnel and people with strong class consciousness.
Our revolution has performed miracles and achievements as all the Party members and other working people and the service personnel have waged a do-or-die struggle with burning hatred against the class enemy trying hard to stop them from achieving the prosperity of the country and the happiness of the people.
Our people are now carrying on the revolutionary general offensive for a fresh victory in the building of a powerful socialist country under the leadership of the Party.
Much upset by this, the U.S. imperialists and their vassal forces are making desperate efforts to stop our advance.
It is very important to intensify the class education as the U.S. imperialists are going reckless in the most barbarous aggression war moves and sanctions, crying out for "exterminating" our state and people.
The bitter lesson that a large number of residents in Sinchon met massive deaths as they had no class consciousness is not bygone tragedy.
It is necessary not to neglect the class education even a moment but intensify it for both preventing recurrence of the bloody history and making the red flag of revolution flutter on the victorious peak of socialism. -0-

U.S. Accused of Convening FMs' Meeting of Countries Which Participated in Korean War

Pyongyang, January 18 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Institute for American Studies of the DPRK Foreign Ministry gave the following answer to a question raised by KCNA on January 18 as regards the foreign ministers' meeting of the countries that participated in the Korean War, recently convened by the U.S. together with Canada:
The U.S., in collusion with Canada created the scene of war simulation by summoning the foreign ministers' meeting of the countries that participated in the Korean War in Vancouver, Canada from January 15 to 16. Participated in this meeting were 20 countries including the ones that had followed the U.S. to the aggressive war against our country from 1950 to 1953.
At the meeting, the U.S. Secretary of State openly trumpeted that they should intensify the pressure campaign against us until we stop nuclear program by way of limiting the export of oil and industrial products, strengthening naval control, expelling our workers abroad, etc. and he went so far as to insist on the military option.
Now the whole world warmly welcomes the dramatic change in the frozen inter-Korean relations and the visible sign of easing tension on the Korean peninsula, which are being brought about by our generous and magnanimous proposal.
However, the U.S., while throwing a wet blanket over this atmosphere, have brought together its vassal forces including the countries that had followed the former to participate in the aggressive war against our country and openly hatched a plot to further intensify the barbarous sanctions and pressure against our country and provoke a new war on the Korean peninsula.
It is no accident that many countries including our neighbouring countries unanimously criticize the meeting, arguing that the nature and the agenda of the meeting are not conducive to easing the tension on the Korean peninsula and that it would rather bring an adverse effect.
As we have already clarified several times, the tightening of sanctions against our country like the naval blockade, which have been discussed behind the screen at the meeting, is tantamount to an act of war.
The meeting speaks to the fact that the U.S. is willing to spark a new war in the Korean peninsula at any cost although it talks about dialogue.
We take the U.S. convocation of the meeting simply as the ridiculous floundering of the Trump group which was frightened by the might of our Republic that has achieved great historic cause of perfecting the state nuclear force and made a dignified rise to a position of the strategic state recognized by the world.
The move of the U.S. trying to solve the issue of the Korean peninsula by force further solidifies our conviction that the road we chose was absolutely right and we should ever follow this road without any slightest vacillation.
We scrutinize even at this moment every move of the U.S. that is making highly disturbing military acts by continuously bringing the strategic nuclear weapons in and around the Korean peninsula and we constantly maintain high alert.
We take this opportunity to warn those unprincipled countries that kowtowed to the U.S. and participated in the meeting unlawful and ambiguous in nature and advise them to contemplate the consequences to ensue thereafter. -0-

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Kaliforniens Toilettendamen wehren sich gegen nächtliche Belästigungen

A group of janitors started a movement to stop sexual abuse 
Nadja sagt: Das ist etwas für Genossin Angela!


North Korea Wants to Reunite with South, But Only if U.S. Stays Out
By Tom O'Connor 
Tillerson said Tuesday that North Korea would "trigger" military action by not capitulating to U.S. "maximum pressure" demands.     
North Korea - an Agent of Peace?
By Peter Koenig
Let me dream for a moment: If this tremendous endeavor – peace and unification – were to succeed, it might set an agenda in motion, the world at large has not thought of yet. China and Russia would come out stronger with their objective of a multi-polar world 

North and South Korea to march under one flag at Winter Olympics 'peace games'
Agree to field a joint women's ice hockey team after third day of talks on February's Winter Olympics 

Olympic Détente Upends U.S. Strategy on North Korea 

Trump: "Very Possible" Crisis With North Korea Can't Be Resolved Peacefully 

May we see the evidence? 
Trump says Russia is helping North Korea avoid sanctions 

Lapdogs bow to U.S. pressure: 
20 Nations to consider more North Korea sanctions, U.S. warns on military option 

Russia's Lavrov berates Trump administration on Iran deal, Syria and North Korea

1502 Lembeek Nieuw natuurpark van 8 ha in hartje Lembeek

In het centrum van Lembeek zal zo'n 8 ha open ruimte omgetoverd worden tot een natuurparken grotendeels toegankelijk gemaakt worden voor het grote publiek. Dit zal ongetwijfeld de woonkwaliteit in deze Halse deelgemeente ten goede komen.
De site is momenteel volledig in privéhanden van Resolve. Maar na overleg met deze projectontwikkelaar en de verschillende Vlaamse overheden werd overeengekomen om deze open ruimte te herbestemmen naar natuur- en recreatiegebied. Het kasteelpark in het centrum van Lembeek wordt daardoor uitgebreid met een nieuwe groene long van bijna 8 hectare.
Om dit mogelijk te maken verwierf de projectontwikkelaar een hoger gelegen perceel van de Vlaamse Waterweg NV. Op die manier wordt voorkomen dat de bedrijvenzone, zoals oorspronkelijk voorzien, zich verder zou ontwikkelen richting het centrum van Lembeek.
Verder lezen:

Wer hat hier Vorfahrt?

Nadja sagt: DDR Erzieherisches Spielzeug SPIKA, in Republikmaßstab  beliebt, ging auch in Export.
Desweiteren: Spika (Lateinisch „die Ähre“) , Namen der Leitstern im Sternbild Virgo (Magd)

Donnerstag, 18. Januar 2018

Korea: Arbeitsverhandlung zwischen Nord und Süd

Deutsch von Hyoksin A.I.P.
Nach Vereinbarung der Nord-Süd-Verhandlung auf hoher Ebene wurde am 17. Januar im „Haus des Friedens“ in der südlichen Zone in Panmunjom die Arbeitsverhandlung zwischen Nord und Süd für Teilnahme der Nord-Seite an XXIII. Olympischen Winterspielen und Olympischen Winterspielen der Behinderten.
Zugegen waren beidseitigen Delegationen jeweils unter Jon Jong Su, Vizevorsitzender des Komitees für Friedliche Vereinigung des Vaterlandes, auf der Nord-Seite und unter Chon Hae Song, stellvertretender Vereinigungsminister, auf der Süd-Seite.
In der Verhandlung besprachen die beiden Seiten eingehend und ernstlich die sachlichen Fragen für erfolgreiche Veranstaltung der Olympischen Winterspiele und nahmen das gemeinsame Kommuniqué an.
Darin wurden die Inhalte über Ausmaß der Delegation des Nationalen Olympischen Komitees und der Sportler- und Anfeuerungs-, Taekwondo-Schau- und Reportergruppen, die an den erwähnten Olympischen Spielen teilnehmen werden, und über deren Betätigungsprogramm, Bequemlichkeitsangebot durch die Süd-Seite und Entsendung des Vortrupps für Vor-Ort-Erkundigung erwähnt. Ferner wurde auch festgelegt, dass die beiden Seiten die mit dem IOC zusammenhängenden Fragen durch Zusammenarbeit mit dem IOC lösen werden.
Ferner wurden auch die sachlichen Fragen in Bezug auf die gemeinsame Übung der Skiläufer von Nord und Süd und gemeinsame Kulturveranstaltung erwähnt, welche Ende Januar und Anfang Februar im Skigebiet Masikryong und Gebirge Kumgang abgehalten werden.
Außerdem wurde auch festgelegt, dass die beiden Seiten alle sachlichen Fragen wie Entsendung der Delegation unseres Olympischen Komitees der Behinderten, der Sportler-, Anfeuerungs-, Künstler- und Reportergruppen auf die Weise des Dokumentenaustauschs besprechen werden.

(N)OSTALGIE Masserberg DDR

Nadja sagt: Alles komplett! FDGB –Urlaubsplatz – Thüringer Wald – Rennsteig. Sie wurden platziert!;-)

Inter-Korean Working-Level Talks

Panmunjom, January 17 (KCNA) -- Working-level talks between the north and the south of Korea for the north side's participation in the 23rd Winter Olympics and Paralympics were held at the "house of peace" in the south side portion of Panmunjom on Wednesday, under the agreement of the north-south high-level talks.
Present there were a delegation of the north side led by Jon Jong Su, vice-chairman of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country of the DPRK, and a delegation of the south side with Chon Hae Song, vice-minister of Unification, as its chief delegate.
At the talks both sides thrashed out the practical matters arising in the successful holding of the Winter Olympics and adopted a joint press release.
The joint press release dealt with the scales and action programs of the north side's National Olympic Committee delegation, sports team, cheer group, Taekwon-do demonstration group and press corps to take part in the 23rd Winter Olympics, the south side's offer of conveniences for them and the dispatch of an advance team for field survey. Matters related to the International Olympic Committee will be settled by both sides in cooperation with the Committee, according to the joint press release.
It also mentioned the practical matters on joint training of north-south ski runners and north-south joint cultural event to be held at the Masikryong Ski Resort and in Mt Kumgang from late January to early February.
Both sides will agree in the way of exchange of documents on such other practical matters as dispatch of the north side's Paralympic Committee delegation, sports team, cheer group, art troupe and press corps to the Winter Paralympics, the joint press release said. -0-

Ehemaliges Boduognat Denkmal in Antwerpen

Nadja sagt  Dieses Denkmal stand (1881 - 1954)  hier in Antwerpen in der Mitte der Belgiëlei, gegenüber der Nerviërsstraat. Das Denkmal verschwand, um die Straßenbahnschienen zu begradigen, wurde abgerissen und zerstört. "Sie scheinen die Stadt nicht gut zu kennen?" (W. Elsschot) Es ist zugegebenermaßen in meinem Lebensumfeld und wissenswert, aber ich habe diese Information erst jetzt entdeckt. Der robuster Boduognat ist zusammen mit Ambiorix eine emblematische Figur der belgischen Geschichte. Er ist erwähnt in der Denkschrift  "de bello Gallico" (Gallische Kriege) von Feldherr Julius Caesar. Er nannte die Belgae die "Tapfersten aller Gallier". Es muß dazu gesagt werden, daß der größte Teil von Belgia auf französischem Territorium lag. Caesar beendete die Unterwerfung ganz Galliens im Jahr 57 für die Zeitrechnung, und dies ist der Beginn der geschriebenen Geschichte unserer Regionen.

Nadja zegt: Dit standbeeld stond (1881 - 1954) hier in Antwerpen middenin de Belgiëlei, tegenover de Nerviërsstraat.  Het monument  verdween om de tramsporen recht te trekken, werd gesloopt en vernietigd  “U schijnt de stad niet goed te kennen?”( W. Elsschot)  Het is weliswaar in mijn woonomgeving en wetenswaardig maar ik ontdekte deze gegevens pas nu. De stoere Boduognat is samen met Ambiorix een emblematische figuur van de Belgische geschiedenis. We hebben weet van hem door het denkschrift “ de bello Gallico” (Gallische Oorlogen) van veldheer Julius Caesar. Hij noemde de Belgae de “dappersten van alle Galliërs”. Waarbij gezegd moet worden dat het grootste deel van  Belgia  op Frans grondgebied lag.  In 57 voor de tijdrekening  beëindigde Caesar de onderwerping van heel Gallië en dit is meteen het begin van de geschreven geschiedenis van onze contreien. 

Mittwoch, 17. Januar 2018


 Russia's Lavrov berates Trump administration on Iran deal, Syria and North Korea 

 U.S. Quietly Prepares War With North Korea 

  DPRK hopes inter-Korean talks lead to end of military confrontation on peninsula
 "The proposal reflects the DPRK's firm will to prevent a war on the peninsula and defend peace... " 

 Russia ready to support direct talks on North Korea crisis: Lavrov 

 Russia says to facilitate dialogue between U.S., DPRK 

 Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Says the False Missile Alert Stresses the Need for Urgent Talks With North Korea 

 New Trump policy could strengthen role of nuclear weapons 

Was geht vor in Syrien?

US Strategy in Syria Includes Balkanization
By Stephen Lendman
US forces operate in Syria illegally, their presence a flagrant violation of international law. 

Chelsea Manning Confirms US Senate Run

The Associated Press 
 Dems Launch Smear Campaign Against Young Trans Woman, All to Keep an Old Straight White Man in Power. 

Air Koryo Stewardess (30)

Nadja sagt: Wieder eine schöne Bilderauswahl. Wer mehr davon möchte klicke bitte in der Seitenleiste  das entsprechende Ikon an.

3550 Heusden-Zolder Limburgse Schoonheden

Hoe kort is te kort – als het over korte rokjes gaat DS 16 09 12
“De zomer blijft duren. Maar heel wat leerlingen mogen, ondanks de hitte, niet in een korte rok of short naar school. Vorige week werden in Heusden-Zolder tientallen meisjes op de vingers getikt.’Het kan niet de bedoeling zijn dat je een leerlinge haar ondergoed ziet als ze voor je de trap opgaat.’” ‘Ik wil uw ondergoed niet zien’
Nadja zegt: Vergelijkbaar geval met het HH Instituut in 1500 Halle. Niet vergeten dat het om katholieke onderwijsinstellingen gaat en als daar iemand “slecht” denkt dan zijn het eerder  seutige scholbesturen als de leerlingen ;-)

Korea: 90 Jahre Zeitung „Saenal“

Deutsch von Hyoksin A.I.P.
Unter den Publikationen, die heutzutage die Schüler in der DVR Korea gern lesen, gibt es auch die Zeitung «Saenal».
Die Zeitung stellt die besten Schüler im Studium und Organisationsleben und zugleich die Erfahrungen aus den regen sportlichen Tätigkeiten, anderen sozial-politischen Aktivitäten, Bewegungen für gute Taten in den Schulen vor. Auch die von den Schülern geschaffenen literarischen Werke wie die wissenschaftlich-technischen Kenntnisse und die literarischen Allgemeinwissen werden in dieser Zeitung umfangreich vorgestellt.
Die Zeitung «Saenal» wurde vor 90 Jahren als erste revolutionäre Publikation Koreas gegründet.
In 1920er Jahren war Korea unter der militärischen Okkupation durch Japan.
Kim Il Sung, der mit großem Vorhaben für die Wiedergeburt des Landes den Weg der Revolution einschlug, durchschaute die Wichtigkeit der Organisation im revolutionären Kampf, schuf mit den Jugendlichen der neuen Generation den Verband zur Zerschlagung des Imperialismus und rief danach revolutionäre Organisationen aus verschiedenen Kreisen wie die Vereinigung Koreanischer Kinder in Jilin, den Kommunistischen Jugendverband Koreas und den Paeksan-Jugendverband ins Leben.
Darunter gab es auch den Saenal-Kinderverband (gegr. Dezember 1926) als erste revolutionäre Organisation der Kinder in Korea.
Der Saenal-Kinderverband, der aus den patriotisch gesinnten Kindern in der Stadt Fusong (China) und in deren Umgebung bestand, war die Kinderorganisation, die zum Ziel hatte, durch Niederschlagung der japanischen Imperialisten für den Tag der Befreiung des Vaterlandes und durch Abschaffung der alten Gesellschaft für lichtvollen neuen Tag für die Neugestaltung der Gesellschaft zu kämpfen.
Gemäß der Schaffung der verschiedenen revolutionären Organisationen und deren Erweiterung durchschaute Kim Il Sung die Notwendigkeit der Massenpropagandamittel dafür, breite Massen verschiedener Klassen und Schichten zum antijapanischen Kampf aufzurufen, und entschloss sich dazu, das Organ vom Saenal-Kinderverband herauszugeben. Weil Saenal-Kinderverband selbst die revolutionäre Organisation der nach dem neuen Tag strebenden Kinder ist, bestimmte er den Namen der Zeitung als «Saenal» und leitete unermüdlich die Vorbereitungsarbeit der Zeitungsherausgabe trotz den schwierigen Bedienungen, dass man von Materialien und technische Anlagen wie Papier und Abziehapparat beschaffen musste.
Endlich kam am 15. Januar 1928 die Erstausgabe (100 Exemplare) der Zeitung «Saenal» zur Welt.
Die Zeitung verurteilte militärische Eroberung und Politik für koloniale Ausplünderung durch Japan in Korea und propagierte aktiv, dass es möglich ist, die Unabhängigkeit des Landes zu erreichen, wenn die Volksmassen als Herren der Revolution mit vereinter Kraft gegen Japan kämpfen. Und in der Zeitung standen die Schriften, in denen die Widersprüche der klassischen Gesellschaft und die ausbeuterische Natur der Gutsbesitzer und Kapitalisten wie «Wie ist ein Gutsbesitzer entstanden?», «Mit welcher Methode beuten die Gutsbesitzer die Bauern aus?» entlarvten. Auch die Schriften über die progressive marxistisch-leninistische Ideologie und die wissenschaftlichen Kenntnisse über Entwicklungsgeschichte der menschlichen Gesellschaft und kulturelle Aufklärungsmaterialien wurde zusammengesetzt.
Die Zeitung «Saenal» war zwar klein und einfach, aber sie hatte von ihrer Erstausgabe an eine große Anziehungskraft. Unter scharfer Überwachung und Repressalien des Japans flößte die in den breiten Gebieten wie Stadt Musong verbreitete Zeitung den Jugendlichen und Einwohnern das antijapanische Bewusstsein ein und brachte eine Hoffnung auf neue Gesellschaft, wo es keine Ausbeutung und Unterdrückung gibt, auf neuen Tag der Befreiung des Vaterlandes. Die Zeitung wurde in verschiedenen Massenorganisationen wie Antiimperialistischem Jugendverband, Kommunistischem Jugendverband Koreas, Antijapanischer Frauengesellschaft, ganz zu schweigen von dem Saenal-Kinderverband, als Lehrstoff, massives Propaganda- und Agitationsmittel weitgehend benutzt.
Die Zeitung «Saenal» spielte dabei eine große Rolle, den Jugendlichen die revolutionäre Weltanschauung einzuflößen und sie zum antijapanischen patriotischen Kampf aktiv aufzurufen. Von der Gründung dieser Zeitung an begann die historische Wurzel der revolutionären Publikationen koreanischer Prägung in Korea zu schlagen.
Die Zeitung «Saenal» trägt auch heute aktiv dazu bei, die Schüler zu hervorragenden Talenten mit umfassenden Kenntnissen über verschiedene Bereiche und zu zuverlässigen Stützpfeilern des Landes zu entwickeln.

What It Was Like Thinking a Ballistic Missile Was Speeding Toward Us in Hawaii

By Robert Barsocchini
 Breaking group insularity allowed some to discover that these assertions were absurd, wrong and, regardless, irrelevant. 
Nadja zegt: Psychologische Test voor een Psy-Ops ;-)

MEDIEN REFERAT Information Clearing House (ICH)

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Open Letter To ICH Readers

By John Pilger, Paul Craig Roberts, Pepe Escobar, Peter Koenig & Finian Cunningham

Writers' Appeal to Readers: Please Support ICH Today

Dear Readers,
November 17, 2017 "Information Clearing House" - For 15 years, since 2002, Information Clearing House has been delivering an essential daily news and analysis service to its subscribers - free of charge.

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Note from Tom
I am immensely grateful to the journalists listed above and to those of you who have contributed in the past to fund our efforts to better inform people around the world.

Main stream media organizations are motivated by profit. Information Clearing House is non-commercial, no advertising, no pop-up windows, no 
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 ICH grew out of frustration and anger at the failure of traditional commercial media to inform the American public, especially as it relates to US foreign policy.  The propaganda spewed up by our government has enabled it to manipulate public opinion through psychological manipulation (social engineering) using main stream media and has in many instances converted citizens into Zombies who prefer to applauded our politicians as the stand on the bodies of millions around the world who have been killed because of our lack of awareness and concern.

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This has to STOP, we have to work to prevent further killing, suffering and torture because as John Adams said "Liberty cannot be preserved without general knowledge among the people." American - President October 30, 1735 - July 4, 1826

Peace and Joy
Tom Feeley

January 16, 2018 

Amnesty International Is Barking Up The Wrong Tree

By Paul Craig Roberts
Amnesty International aligns with Washington's propaganda against Washington's victims. 
Nadja sagt: Danke Dr. Roberts. Amnesty International tut das immer, sehr gut daß Sie es anprangern!