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Al-Dshasira entlarvt!

Wadah Khanfar, Al-Dschasira und der Triumph der Fernsehpropaganda
von Thierry Meyssan
Al-Dschasira, der Fernsehkonzern aus dem Katar, der sich in 15 Jahren in der arabischen Welt als originale Berichterstattungsfirma durchgesetzt hatte, engagierte sich plötzlich in eine weitschweifige Beeinflussungsoperation, mit dem Ziel, die Regime von Libyen und Syrien mit allen nur möglichen Mitteln zu stürzen. Diese Wende ist, wie Thierry Meyssan zeigt, nicht die Frucht der Konjunktur, sondern war seit Langem durch Persönlichkeiten, die es verstanden, ihr eigenes Interesse dem Publikum zu verbergen, vorbereitet worden. Enthüllungen…
Voltaire Netzwerk, Beirut (Libanon), 26. September 2011 weiterlesen:

Bild : 'Channels of lies'

Al-Jazeera and the triumph of televised propaganda:
Al-Jazeera - the Qatari news channel that in the space of 15 years established itself in the Arab world as an innovative news outlet - suddenly embarked in a vast intoxication campaign to overthrow the regimes of Libya and Syria through any means.

Historische Bedeutung der Parteikonferenz der Partei der Arbeit Koreas

Historic Significance of WPK Conference

Pyongyang, September 26 (KCNA) - A conference of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) was held with success in the capital city of Pyongyang on September 28 last year.
The conference declared the WPK would always keep President Kim Il Sung in its top leadership body and stressed his behests were guidelines the party should maintain at all times.
Leader Kim Jong Il was reelected the WPK general secretary in the conference in accordance with the unanimous desire of the party members and all other Korean people.
It was decided in the conference to replenish the WPK rules with articles about Kim Il Sung remaining the eternal leader of the party and about the feats Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il performed in founding and developing the WPK.
The conference elected the top leadership body headed by Kim Jong Il, represented by those faithful to the party and the leader and devotedly working for the fatherland and the people.
It was of great significance in developing the WPK eternally as the party of Kim Il Sung and providing a definite guarantee for dynamically promoting the revolutionary cause of Juche and the building of a thriving socialist nation.
After the conference, public trust in the headquarters of the revolution has been deepened and the determination to unfailingly build a powerful socialist nation has become steadfast among the Korean people.
In the spirit of the conference, the spirit of close unity, fortitude and continuous revolution, the Korean people have made eye-catching achievements in all fields, fully demonstrating the validity and vitality of the WPK's Songun (military-first) leadership.

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Groeten van de Vlaamse Kust
Grüße von der Flämischen Küste
Greetings from the Flemish Coas

Nadja zegt: Liefde is…tijdens de vakantiedagen de computer thuis laten! (gezien bij lieftallige vriendin Niekie) ;-)

KDVR betrachtet durch ‘Mainishi Shimbun’

Mainichi Shimbun Carries Pyongyang Travelogue

Pyongyang, September 26 (KCNA) - The Japanese newspaper Mainichi Shimbun Tuesday carried a travelogue of Pyongyang written by its reporter who visited Pyongyang from Aug. 30 to Sept. 3 as a member of the delegation of Kyodo News and its affiliated agencies.
A nationwide effort for building a thriving nation is under way in the DPRK, the travelogue says, and goes on:
The construction project for face-lifting Pyongyang is progressing apace in the city.
On the morning of August 31 I went up to the top of Tower of the Juche Idea and enjoyed a view of the People's Theatre and skyscrapers now under construction in the Changjon area of Central District on the other side of the Taedong River.
Many people were busy with their work on the roofs of the buildings.
Motor traffic was suspended in the area and the Okryu Restaurant, famous for cold noodle peculiar to Pyongyang, closed temporarily. According to our tourist guide, the project is slated to be completed by April next year.
April 15, 2012 is the centenary of the birth of President Kim Il Sung, founder of the DPRK.
Changes have taken place not only in the construction but in the citizens' livelihood in Pyongyang. One of the examples is a rapid spread of cellphones. The number of cellphone users has already exceeded 600 000 nationwide.
There is a factory producing popular Taedonggang beer in eastern Pyongyang.
Seen in the compound of the factory were three monuments with letters "Being blessed with great leader", "Being blessed with brilliant commander" and "Being blessed with illustrious general".
The leader means President Kim Il Sung, the commander means General Secretary Kim Jong Il and the general means Kim Jong Un.

When visiting the Taedonggang Combined Fruit Farm in Pyongyang, we were told that Kim Jong Il was accompanied by Kim Jong Un in inspecting the fruit farm on July 21. Choe Yong Nam, 49, manager of the farm, said that unfortunately, he missed a chance to meet with them because he was on a business trip.
Enjoying the grand gymnastic and art performance "Arirang" on the evening of the 31st, I felt that the DPRK-China friendship was one of its main themes.
The two countries have invigorated summit diplomacy and comings and goings of people. I could see increasing Chinese language service in tourist resorts of Pyongyang.
Meanwhile, no clue was seen for the improvement of the relations between Japan and the DPRK. North Korean officials interviewed by us said unanimously, "The Japan-DPRK relations are in the worst state."
Kim Jong Suk, chairwoman of the Korean Society for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries, said, "Japan has still remained a hostile state, but we do not hate the Japanese people. This was also the will of President Kim Il Sung".

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Nadja sagt: Sehr liebe Kampfesgrüße an meine liebe KPD-Kampfgenossin Angela!

RUSSLAND : “Unnötig BELARUS zu belangen in Sache Menschenrechte”

No Need to Take Issue with Belarus over Human Rights Situation: Official

Moscow, September 25 (KCNA) - The Russian permanent representative to Geneva-based UN and other international organizations said on Wednesday that there is no reason to take issue with Belarus over its human right situation.
Speaking at a meeting on the Belarus human rights situation, Valery Loschinin branded the resolution on Belarus which had been adopted at a session of the UN Human Rights Council as prejudiced and politically-motivated one.
Saying that the attempts to put the human right issue of Belarus under discussion of the human rights council are doubtful, the Russian official stressed that there is no need for the international community and the council to react to the human rights situation of the country

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32 WEEKS!!!

Cstelle skryf : "
32 WEEKS!!!!!! And Guess what!!!!!!! Wednesday half pass one; we are going to meet the most precious, beautiful, special, cute, miracles twin babies!!!!!!!!!!! In the world!! We are going to be PARENTS!!!...”

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„Manhattan Transfer“!

Wall Street Protests Continue in U.S.

Pyongyang, September 25 (KCNA) - Protests on Wall Street of the New York financial district began Saturday and continued Tuesday, despite a heavy police presence and cordon.
A large number of protesters, mostly young people, shouted slogans slashing the authorities' erroneous policy of benefiting only big businesses despite hard living conditions of commoners, pushing economy to serious depression.

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Further details and videos available at ICH Information Clearing House: e.g.

Welcome To The USA
Occupy Wall Street: 80 Peaceful Protesters Arrested

While on a peaceful march near Union Square in downtown Manhattan, multiple female protestors were penned up in the street by orange mesh barricade, then maliciously maced