Montag, 22. August 2016

Russian Embassy Officials Visit Liberation Tower, Cemeteries of Fallen Fighters of Soviet Army (Video)

Matsegora, Russian ambassador to the DPRK, staff members of his embassy and members of the delegation of the Russian Orthodox Church led by Antonii, chief for Administration of its Overseas Organs, on a visit to the DPRK.
    After a wreath was laid in the name of the Russian Embassy, the participants paid silent tribute to the fallen fighters of the Soviet Army.
    They looked round the Liberation Tower.
    They also laid a wreath and bouquets before the cemetery of fallen fighters of the Soviet Army in Sadong District, Pyongyang.
    Earlier, officials of the embassy laid bouquets before liberation towers, statues of Soviet soldiers, cemeteries of fallen fighters and monuments to memory of fallen soldiers in local areas.
    Meanwhile, members of the Russian consulate general in Chongjin laid wreaths before the liberation tower and the cemetery of the fallen fighters of the Soviet Army in Chongjin City. (KCNA)
Video: Leiste rechts, Icon KCNA anklicken.

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