Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2016

Und nun die Philippinen

Will "They" Really Try to Kill President Duterte?
By Andre Vltchek
Is he a hero, a new Asian Hugo Chavez, or just an out of control populist? -

Nashenka sagt: Das Land von Imelda Marcos! Warten wir es ab…


  1. LS,
    Blowback for American Sins in the Philippines
    By Stephen Kinzer
    Most Americans would have no idea what these new Filipino leaders are talking about.

    Why the Philippines wants to break away from US:
    The Philippines's top diplomat said President Rodrigo Duterte is seeking an independent foreign policy for the country because "America has failed us" in the decades since it gained independence from its former colonial master.

  2. LS,

    Regime Change In The Philippines
    By Paul Craig Roberts
    Duterte has decided to switch the Philippines' bet from the US to China. -

    'I'll humiliate you': Duterte challenges West to probe Philippines drugs war:
    Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte called U.S. President Barack Obama, the European Union and United Nations "fools" on Thursday, and warned they would end up humiliated and outsmarted if they accepted an invitation to investigate his war on drugs.