Samstag, 17. Dezember 2016

Kings of Corruption: Argentina's Macri and Brazil's Temer

Today on International Anti-Corruption Day, teleSUR takes a look at two right-wing presidents in Latin America and their long history of corruption allegations and proven cases against them.
First, Argentina’s president Mauricio Macri, who came to power only one year ago and has destroyed all the social achievements from the past two leftists administrations. Then, Brazil's president Michel Temer, who came to power after promoting an illegal parliamentary coup against democratically-elected President Dilma Rousseff.
Both have promoted austerity measures and directly attacked the poor, on top of facing investigations on bribes, corruption, and even cover-ups. More:

Nadja sagt: Fiese Machos! Bekanntlich gibt es in der Politik so etwas wie „Retourkutsche“ aber der Kampf um soziale Gerechtigkeit geht weiter.

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