Mittwoch, 8. Februar 2017


Life After the USSR: Buying the Dream, Living the Nightmare
 Eric  Draister
But no, capitalism is not a cure-all for the ills of life. Western-style capitalism (neoliberalism) has imposed on the people of Eastern Europe a new kind of hardship in the years since the Soviet Union collapsed. No longer are consumer goods restricted by an imposing state apparatus, they are now available to all who can afford them; unfortunately for the vast majority of people, they can’t.
Instead, they must work more for less in hopes that their children won’t have to flee the country in search of better opportunities. Such is the reality of the American Dream in post-Soviet Europe.
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Nadja sagt: Leider erlitten jene sozialistische Staaten die eine politisch verschiedene Kurs führen – Albanien, Jugoslawien, Rumänien – ebenfalls eine totale Kontrarevolution von derselben Art und ähnliche Konsequenzen! ;-(

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