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"Gracias a la Vida" (Thank you to life)

This is one of the most famous Chilean songs and has been used as an hymn of all kind social movements across the world. It was released in 1966, as part of the last album Parra recorded.
On the 50 year anniversary of her death, the lyrics of Chilean singer-songwriter still carry an important message of social justice.
Chile is conducting a year-long celebration for the centennial anniversary of Violeta Parra's birth, one of the greatest folklorists and songwriters who is known as "The Mother of Latin American Folk.”
Parra was a leading figure of the Nueva Cancion, or New Song, movement that swept across Latin America during the 1960s, representing a generation of musicians who faced censorship, exile, forced disappearances and even torture by right-wing military dictatorships.
Her lyrics are full of political messages and social activism. Even to this day, her songs are used by several freedom movements across the globe.
Parra was also an artist and several of her works were exhibited in the Louvre in 1964. Parra published her poems and songs in 23 books and composed at least 128 songs, which have been interpreted and reproduced by a number of singers and musicians.
A victim of severe depression, Parra decided to take her life on Feb. 5, 1967. Her music has continued to shape and influence Latin American music. Here are five of her most iconic songs.

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