Mittwoch, 8. März 2017

8. März Internationaler Frauentag (3)

Folk and Amusement Games Mark March 8 International Women's Day
 Pyongyang, March 7 (KCNA) - Folk and amusement games of officials and members of the women's union across the country took place at the Pyongyang Indoor Stadium on March 6 and 7 to mark the March 8 International Women's Day.
 The games brought together more than 270 women selected in Pyongyang city and each province.  They competed in such events as putting ball into ring, rope-skipping, seesaw and yut game. Pyongyang City placed first in team standing. 

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10 schöne Bilder in ein Diorama – Leiste rechts, Ikon KCNA Nachrichten anklicken, bis untenscrollen, 

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