Mittwoch, 19. April 2017

The Problem is Washington, Not North Korea

By Mike Whitney
Absent Kim's WMDs,  Pyongyang would have faced a preemptive attack long ago and Kim would have faced a fate similar to Gadhafi's.
Nadja sagt: Es ist das allererste Mal daß ich ein Artikel von diesem Autor bringe, aber das ist große Klasse ;-)


  1. LS,
    Napalm über Nordkorea: als die USA ein Land zerstörten, um es zu retten
    Bruce Cumings
    Translated by Niels Kadritzke

  2. LS,
    The U.S. Pushed North Korea to Build Nukes: Yes or No?
    By Mike Whitney
    Washington's policy towards the DPRK is not comprised of "carrots and sticks"; it's sticks and bigger sticks.
    The Double-Triple-Quadruple-Crossing Trump
    By Ghassan Kadi
    Trump now wants to bring the war closer to China's borders. He wants to turn Korea into Obama's Ukraine.
    Lawrence Wilkerson On North Korea Crisis: U.S. Should Stop the Threats & Own Up to its Role
    By Real News
    Libya, is something that teaches other leaders in the world to beware of the United States