Sonntag, 2. April 2017

Trump Succumbs to Bush/Obama Perpetual War

President Trump is becoming the third post-9/11 president to prosecute bloody conflicts in the Mideast and impose mass surveillance at home, with no end in sight, observes retired Col. Ann Wright.
By Ann Wright
…The North Korean government continues to call for negotiations with the U.S. and South Korea for a peace treaty to end the Korean War. But the U.S. government has responded with a rejection of any discussions with North Korea until North Korea ends its nuclear program. The U.S. also has increased U.S.-South Korean military drills, the last one named “Decapitation,” moves that have resulted in the North Korean government continuing its nuclear testing and missile projects
…The next four years do not appear likely to bring any relief to the citizens of planet earth.   

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  1. LS,
    Russia Fears Possible Preemptive US Nuclear Attack
    By Stephen Lendman
    Madness persists, with neocons in charge of US militarism and war-making. -