Donnerstag, 13. April 2017

Was geht vor in Syrien?

"Russia Is Preparing For Hot War": Prof. S. Cohen
Interview von Abby Martin mit Professor Stephen Cohen - "I think this is the most dangerous moment in American, Russian relations since the Cuban Crisis" - Professor Stephen Cohen.
Nashenka sagt: 1961 gab es ein historisches Interview von Walter Lippmann mit N.S. Chruschtschow – Siehe aber , wie gehabt, neueste Standpunkte und Nachrichten als „Kommentare“. Mit Leserzuschriften von andere Menschen klappt es aber leider nicht wie erwünscht ;-( 


  1. LS,
    UK: Jeremy Corbyn warns of Syrian 'proxy war' :
    Jeremy Corbyn has savaged Boris Johnson's strategy for reviving political negotiations to end the conflict in Syria, as he accused the Foreign Secretary of "encouraging further bombing".

    Lest we forget:
    CIA Files Prove America Helped Saddam as He Gassed Iran:
    The U.S. knew Hussein was launching some of the worst chemical attacks in history -- and still gave him a hand.

    Lest we forget:
    British plans to overthrow the Syrian government, 1956-7:
    'Governments [in Syria] are unstable; the army is deeply engaged in politics and increasingly under the influence of the extreme left; and there is much communist penetration."

    Tillerson: Syria strike a message to others, including North Korea;
    'If you violate international norms, if you violate international agreements, if you fail to live up to commitments, if you become a threat to others, at some point a response is likely to be undertaken.'

    North Korea says Syria airstrikes prove its nukes justified;
    The North called the airstrikes "absolutely unpardonable" and said they prove its nuclear weapons are justified to protect the country against Washington's "evermore reckless moves for a war."

  2. LS,
    Syria: Trump May Just have Started World War III
    By Peter Koenig
    It reeks all over of False Flag - Gladio 2 - level 'world'. But nobody wants to see it, nobody wants to talk about it. The truth cannot be spoken. -

    A Multi-level Analysis of the US attack on Syria
    By The Saker
    I find a sudden and brutal collapse of the Anglo-Zionist Empire followed by a break-up of the USA (as described here) far more likely. -