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Revolutionen die keine sind: Der Staatsstreich von Dezember 1989 in Rumänien (1)

The Truth Behind "Revolutions":
Alexander Light  My First-hand Experience With an Western Coup The Romanian Coup 1989
I was in Romania during the 1989 so called "people's revolution" under dictator Ceausescu. In fact, it was a 100% Western coup, with the sole purpose of looting the country of its wealth!
There were hundreds of reasons for the Romanian coup to take place. First of all, Ceausescu was a communist & pro-USSR.

- Romania had no external debt + US $2.7 billions in the National Bank + around US $10 billion to receive from other countries from exports (in 1989!). The exports were rapidly increasing.

- Romania was mass-exporting cereals, wine, weapons (especially the PKM), ammunition, etc. - while keeping the imports low.

- Romania also had oil fields and all the petrol used was internaly produced.

- Romania's gold exploitation gave a $5 billions/year profit and the country's gold reserve was fairly big (tens of tons). The gold mines were expanding.

- All Romanians had jobs, the unemployment was 0%, all had cars, homes and savings in the National bank. Even though the communist state had major expenses (it was building roads, apartment buildings, factories, etc.), the country was getting wealthier each year.

When the coup started, Ceausescu was abroad, negotiating with some Arab countries the establishment of the first European Bank. Imagine that! Romania was about to become a world player. Fairly rich & with a solid economy.

Were the people unhappy?

Yes, but not because they were poor. The social distress had to do with the people's liberties being restrained by Ceausescu's Police (Militia) and Secret Services.
Also, the people had money, but there were not too many products to spend them on. Everything was limited and rationalized.
The country was prospering at high speed, but the people were paying the price. Ceausescu was a dictator and oppressor. His intentions might have been good, but the price was too high. And that's why the coup was successful.
Even so, the Romanians never imagined that removing Ceausescu from power could mean what it actually meant. Most of them thought that his son, Nicu (who was very loved, especially in Sibiu) will step in his father's place and offer more liberties to the people. That's all the people ever hoped for, back then.

But the Western powers had other plans. They've infiltrated highly trained agents to start a war from the inside. At the same time, their "diplomats" planned a "people's revolution." All state's influence was working against Ceausescu.

The secret agents working for the coup to take place were active everywhere, from those shooting civilians in the streets, to those more subtle spreading disinformation on TV and making the Army fight against the Police and the people. It was a nightmare! It is probable that not even the Army's Chief of Staff had any clue of what was really going on.
During the coup, there was only one thing shouted everywhere: "the terrorists"! (Please, notice the pattern).
Nobody ever heard of terrorists or terrorism in Romania before, and most people had no idea what the word even meant. Who invented this word and for what purpose?
The civilians received weapons from the Army and asked to call themselves "revolutionaries." They had been informed that the terrorists are randomly shooting down civilians and that they should respond with fire without questions. Also, they had been warned that the Police was working for Ceausescu and they will shoot them at sight.

Imagine the chaos! The people were shooting each other, while the highly trained foreign agents were conducting guerrilla strikes against the army, police and the people.

A sniper shot at my father-in-law and it was a near miss. He was going home, caring groceries. There was nothing offensive about him, just a random man, arriving home from work. I went and saw the bullet holes and marks in that building. I can only imagine what he went through, knowing that his wife and daughter were in the same building. Then, the sniper begun randomly shooting through the windows of all the apartments. The people were lying on the floor, while the windows were being shuttered apart by flying bullets.
There are thousands of buildings in Romania still baring the marks of those sad days. Thousands of innocent people had been killed or wounded during the coup.
Highly trained special troops operated in Romania. They knew exactly how the Romanian armored vehicles can be taken out with ease. They clogged the exhaust pipes in some light tank models, making the exhaust smoke flood the interior and choke the soldiers inside. Those trying to escape, had been executed outside.
They've also infiltrated demonstrators, offering them free alcoholic beverages. It was December and most people drank to get warm. Afterwards, the angry mob was easily controllable. They've led them towards governmental buildings and police stations. The drunk mob brutally murdered innocent people, without even knowing why.
Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife, were caught and executed by firing squad after a brief and shameful “trial”
.The judge killed himself few years later, when he finally understood that he was manipulated. Nicu Ceausescu, the dictator's son, was arrested and convicted to prison. He died only few years later, in 1996.

Nasdja sagt: Der Exposé zum Thema ist viel umfangreicher; Im Original ist dieses Zeugnis Hauptstück IV. Zu lesen, sowie von Bilder und Tabellen und Hyperlinks vorgesehen, durch diesen Link.

 Selbstverständlich bin ich nicht einverstanden mit die Bezeichnung „Diktator und Unterdrücker“, das ist Vokabular der Totalitarismus-Lehre und westliche Medien. Desweiteren aber ist die Analyse und Schilderung  bemerkenswert; Zur Ergänzung zeigt das von mir gebrachte Bild die Hauptputschisten und die hinter ihnen  stehende Kräfte.  

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