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Revolutionen die keine sind: Der Staatsstreich von Dezember 1989 in Rumänien (2)

The Truth Behind "Revolutions":
Alexander Light  My First-hand Experience With an Western Coup The Romanian Coup 1989
Then, the Economic Hitmen have been sent to do their dirty jobs: rob Romania of its wealth.

Click to watch "The Confessions of an Economic Hitman".

22+ years later, Romania is almost economically dead. All its industry died, thousands of huge factories had been closed, millions of workers had been fired. Many of them never found work again.
All the gold mines had been closed and the gold from the treasury moved abroad. Romania received some papers in exchange, called certificates. Fare trade, isn't it?
American and Canadian companies are taking over Romania's gold deposits as we speak. "Rosia Montana" is one of the oldest and largest European gold mines.
Romania was banned from exporting cereals in the EU. Other European countries received this task. As a result, agriculture also died in time - except from a handful of mammoth companies which buy their GM corn from Monsanto. I'm expecting Monsanto to knock at the door from time to time and take over the operations entirely, if they haven't already done it - covertly.
Romania has now enormous external debt (especially towards Rothschild's International Monetary Fund) and falling deeper in debt with each passing year. The people are against taking any more loans from the IMF, they are protesting each year - but nobody minds them!
The energetic and oil national companies had been sold to Western corporations, who raise the price of energy and gas twice a year. The price for 1 gallon of gas is $8+ in Romania, while the minimum wage is $200+/month (yes, the equivalent of 25 gallons of gas).
The salaries drop periodically, instead of raising, not even keeping up with inflation.
And this is exactly what it will happen in Libya in the years to come. The country will be looted of its fortune and the people will be left to die.
The purpose of this article is to offer a closer-to-the-truth perspective to what is happening behind the scenes and to let everyone know that there is no such thing as the "people's revolution", only well-planned coups.

NATO is a huge step towards the one world government, and it's entirely controlled by the elites.
The Occupy Movement could be the first REAL, People's Revolution. I only hope for it not to be hijacked from the inside, and turned against us. This is a big part of the secret services' job -- and they are really good at it!

By Alexander Light,;

Nadja sagt: Alles deutlich? Alles klar! Für einen Hinweis auf ein ähnlicher Artikel von einen deutschsprachigen Autor wäre ich sehr dankbar. Erinnern wir nur noch an die Schande daß die letzten DDR-Autoritäten es fertig gebracht haben am 22.12.89  den 1988 Nicolae Ceaușescu verliehenen  Karl-Marx-Orden ab zu erkennen.  Die „Treuhandanstalt“ erledigte anschließend das Übrige.

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