Dienstag, 27. Juni 2017

Neue KDVR-Briefmaarken

Pyongyang, June 26 (KCNA) - The State Stamp Bureau of the DPRK issued new stamps (two individual stamps) on the occasion of the June 25-July 27 month of anti-U.S. joint struggle.
Seen on the upper parts of the stamps are letters "June 25-July 27 month of anti-U.S. joint struggle".
The stamps carry pictures of ammos showering upon the White House and the American Stars and Stripes tattered by the iron fist of the Korean people to show that it is the will of Songun (military-first) Korea to settle accounts with the U.S. only with arms and react to its tough policy with the toughest one. –

Nadja sagt: Ich bin sehr zufrieden. Solidarität!

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