Mittwoch, 4. April 2018

CANT British relentless Russophobia (4)

Operation Hades - A Model For The 'Novichok' Case? 
By Moon Of Aalabama
This would not be the first time that a 'western' service would stage such a 'provocation'.   

Britain's Not So Distant History of State Sponsored Assassinations
By Gavin OReilly 
Britain's ignores its own history of engaging in state-sponsored assassinations.   

Hillary Clinton Ordered Diplomats To Suppress 'Novichok' Discussions
By Moon Of Alabama 
Rink secretly produced a small dosage of one of the Novichok agents and sold it to a Latvian mafia contact.   

Moscow confronts London with 14 questions on 'fabricated' Skripal case  

UK may have staged Skripal poisoning to rally people against Russia, Moscow believes 

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