Freitag, 1. Juni 2018

Maintaining Principle of National Independence Called for

Pyongyang, June 1 (KCNA) -- Recently there were the historic 4th inter-Korean summit meeting and talks.
The summit meeting and talks strikingly demonstrated that it is possible to open up the road to the improved north-south relations and the peace and prosperity of the Korean peninsula when the Korean nation pool its will and efforts despite the vicious challenge of the separatist forces at home and abroad and the change of surrounding situation.
Encouraged by another historic north-south summit, all Koreans in the north and the south and abroad now hope to see the atmosphere favorable for better north-south ties leading to the wider avenue for peace, reunification and prosperity.
The stand of settling every issue by the Korean nation itself has to be firmly maintained on the principle of national independence in order to lead the north-south ties that made a meaningful start, giving fresh hope and vitality to all Koreans, to greater development.
The principle of national independence serves as a basic yardstick for settling all issues between the north and the south in line with the desire and demand of the entire nation and a touchstone judging the will for improving the north-south ties.
The issue of the north-south ties is an internal affair of the nation from every aspect.
The Koreans cherish the desire for national reunification as a homogeneous nation that has inherited a single blood vessel in the same territory though it was divided by outsiders.
It is the Korean nation that has vital interest in the national reunification and it is also the Korean nation which has the capacity for realizing it.
Only when the Koreans ardently wishing for the country's reunification pool their minds and efforts, can the reunification issue see smooth solution in keeping with the desire and interests of the nation.
It is truly foolish to curry favor with outsiders and get the power for settling the issue of the north-south ties in the support from them.
The way for improving the north-south ties desired by the Korean nation, the only just way for national reunification, is the way of national independence i.e. valuing the nation and relying on its own strength.
Only when the Korean nation maintains the firm stand of independence, can it foil the outsiders' anti-reunification moves seeking discord and confrontation and satisfactorily solve the issues of the north-south ties and national reunification.
The Korean nation should firmly establish the independent stand with confidence that it can certainly solve the issue of the north-south ties by the efforts of the nation, and prevent outsiders from making arbitrary intervention in the issues of the north-south ties and reunification.
The north and the south should constantly implement the Panmunjom Declaration, made before the entire nation and the world, in a responsible manner regardless of any situation change and surrounding circumstances and jointly create favorable conditions and environment for it.
The entire Korean nation should consistently maintain the principle of national independence and thus smoothly open the way to peace and national reunification. -0-

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