Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2018

Armistice Day ended the War to End Wars; the Treaty of Versailles gave us War Without End

By Mike Ferner 
One can hardly consider factors which led to Hitler's rise without including a few examples of the highly influential complicity of U.S. corporations. -  

SMB sagt: „Vae  victis! Wehe den Besiegten!“ hieß  es schon im alten Rom

When America Was Great, Savage White Un-Settlers Raped a Continent and Assaulted a Planet

By Paul Street
 "The problem after a war is with the victor. He thinks he has just proved that war and violence pay. Who will now teach him a lesson?"


Members of Netanyahu's Likud Blame Victims of Pittsburgh Pogrom and Echo the Killer's Rhetoric

   Robert Bowers, the right-wing terrorist, targeted the progressive congregation on the basis of its partnership with the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, a Jewish non-profit that helps refugees from conflict-torn regions obtain asylum in the US
. By Max Blumenthal